A while back I pinned a great post on Bolivian finger puppets that kids could make. Sadly, that post is no longer available. So I’ve taken upon myself to make finger puppets with the kids while we were learning about the Andean regions specifically Bolivia and Peru.

I’ve purchased a few finger puppets from cultural events that we’ve been to, and from my friend Daria. The finger puppets are handmade, knitted and woven with beautiful details. Of course, the ones we made are not going to be knitted. 🙂 Nevertheless, we had fun making them!

Finger puppets are fun, and they are perfect for storytelling and imaginative play. For the little ones, they can be used for language and sound development.

Our Finger Puppets

Now on to our finger puppets!

What do you need?

Felt in various colors (I cut them out in squares), googly eyes, chicken wire (chenille stems), caps in different sizes and colors, buttons and hot glue.

I hot glued the felt, and left the rest to the kid’s imagination! They decorated the puppets whichever way they wanted. It was fun to see how their imagination was soaring! They made superheroes with capes, aliens, monsters, and a family (mom, dad, and baby).

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