I created a printable version of my Valentine’s Day Spanish Conversation Heart Countdown!  With this Valentine’s Day Spanish conversation heart countdown, you can share your love of Spanish with your kids.

For 14 days write a positive affirmation. For example, your love for your child, their positive attributes, or anything fun! Tape it in a visible area.

I’ve been doing this for years with my son and I tape ours on the entrance door so when we leave the house he’ll see them.

?I remember when I started this fun Valentine’s Day tradition with my son. He was so surprised! He’s like, “¿Mamá eso es para mi?” Every morning he was looking forward to a heart. You could do these in any language. I chose Spanish to sneak in some Spanish language conversations. Make it even more meaningful by having your child color the heart after you write your special message.

Cut the page in half then cut the hearts out, write your special message, and have your child color it in.  If you’re stumped and don’t know what to write I’ve included  20 Spanish positive affirmations that you can use! 

Get your free printable on my Teachers Pay Teacher store >>>

Valentine’s Day Spanish Conversation Heart Countdown Printable


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