Puerto Rico Christmas Decorations tops and pants

You’re in for a treat! I have for you a Puerto Rico Christmas decorations that is one of a kind! A Puerto Rican jíbaro garland.  If you’re ever visiting Puerto Rico during the months of November and December, stores across the island will have available traditional jíbaro clothing.  The jíbaro is a symbol of Puerto Rican pride, especially around Christmas time. Children dress like jíbaros for school, church, and community programs. 

Representing Puerto Rico at a Children’s International Festival 2015

I’ve dressed my tween a couple of times as a jíbaro for events at his school, our local library, an International Festival here in the US, and for a photo shoot in Puerto Rico.  

Puerto Rico Christmas Decorations 

With the holidays around the corner,  I’ve been looking for a jíbaro garland to decorate at home.  Sadly, I haven’t found one so I made it myself.   Show your Puerto Rican pride with this D-I-Y felt jíbaro garland. Make one, two or three and and it will be the perfect Puerto Rico Christmas decorations for your home or Christmas tree. 

I’m sure you’ll be the talk of the day with this beautiful garland. 

puerto rico christmas decorations


All you need is 

  • white, red, brown, or beige felt


red, white, green, brown felt

  • scissors


  • hot glue gun and glue 

  • craft yarn (string)


  • Mini jibaro hats (You may be able to find them on Etsy)


  • My pattern (click below to print)

  • Mini clothespins 

You can download the pattern,  trace with a pencil on the felt, and voila! You can fold the felt, glue for a firmer pattern.  Then you can hang the clothing on the string yarn, and decorate it with bells or anything else that you may have around the home. I decorated my garland with mini bells.

You can cut out as many as you wish to make it as long as you’d like. If you make the jíbaro garland please tag me on Instagram or on Facebook. I’d love to see your creation. 

If you want to go all out with your Puerto Rico Christmas decorations, you can decorate your tree with these Hand-Made Pasteles.

¡Felices fiestas! 

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase I’ll receive a small monetary compensation. Thanks! 

Girl’s traditional clothing
Boy’s traditional clothing

Click on the image below to get your free pattern. 

Looking for resources on Christmas in Puerto Rico for kids? I got you covered! Just click on any of the images below:

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Puerto Rico Christmas Decorations jibaro garland

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  1. Thanks…. Olive in Savannah Georgia and this will make my Christmas tree ?☺️?special

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