Cookies, ornaments, good friends, and creating memories is what this post is about. I’m pretty sure I have said this tons of times. I am blessed to have a great group of mommy friends, and their children are friends with our son.  We’ve gotten together again this time to celebrate our first cookie and ornament exchange party. We also had a white elephant gift exchange for the mommies. For the party each mom brought 2 dozen cookies, and one ornament per child.

I love keeping the kids busy with a craft! This time around they decorated their cookie bags with stickers. Then it was cookie time! They were free to choose whatever cookies they wanted. We also had mini-sandwiches, and cupcakes. Warm cocoa was served as well.
With a cup of warm cocoa, the kids sat down with their cookie bags to nibble on their sweets; and enjoy a Disney Christmas movie. But that didn’t last long I guess they were so wired up with the sugar in the cookies that they were playing instead of watching the movie. 🙂
While they watched the movie or played we on the other hand had our white elephant gift exchange. It was fun, and filled with lots of laughs.
With the craziness of the night, I forgot to take a picture of the children’s ornaments! However, I did take a picture of them with their ornaments by the Christmas tree. This is by far my favorite picture!
It was a special, and fun night that I hope my friends and their children will cherish. A special thank  you to Alleyah, my sweet friend for allowing me to host the party at her house.
Have you ever hosted or been to a cookie or ornament exchange party? If so, please let me know. Comment, like, share or pin!
Merry Christmas!

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  1. Looks like a great party! I love that last photo! It's 2am here (I think it must be about 7pm there) and we had such a wonderful Christmas that I even though I'm exhausted – I just can't sleep!! I hope you and your family had a fabulous Christmas Day!!

  2. What a great idea! You always seem to host such fun parties – your circle of friends is definitely lucky to have you! I love the idea of a cookie exchange – have hard of them and would love to do one someday! I have attended, but never hosted, an ornament exchange, and they are so much fun! 🙂 I'm in the middle of a virtual ornament exchange right now, actually, and it's so much fun!

  3. Thank you Melissa! It was fun combining two different elements (cookies & ornaments) into one party…. funny enough my friends always follow along! Virtual ornament exchange?? Sounds like tons of fun! Will you be blogging about it? Would love to know more. 🙂

  4. I agree the last picture is my favorite too! Can't wait to hear about your Christmas! Hopefully you've had some rest… I'm typing this the following day, and I am still tired! LOL

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