Thrilled with the excitement of my son participating in the children’s international costume party, I extended an invitation to his friends from his Spanish playgroup.  I shared with the girls’ father a flyer of the costume party, and asked if the girls would represent Guatemala.

I’m pretty sure my excitement was apparent because he was quick to say yes, and he too was excited to have his daughters dress in trajes de Chichi. Guatemalan dresses from Chichicastenango de Santo Tomás in Guatemala.
He expressed that he would call his mom, and ask her to send the dresses.  The girls’ Abuela actually makes, and sells these dresses en el mercado (market).   I was able to get a glimpse of  the dresses before the costume party, and I have to admit that I became fascinated with the beautiful colors, and fabric. I started researching on-line on trajes from Guatemala. Apparently, the styles differ from region; and the ones that the girls are actually sold in Chichicastenango, Guatemala.

The girls proudly carried their Guatemalan flag, and paraded in their beautiful trajes de Chichi.  What better way to represent your culture!

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  1. How fun! I love that their abuela was able to get involved all the way from Guatemala! I bet she was super proud. How nice the girls got to join your little guy in the festivities. 🙂

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