I love that we have a community co-op close to where I live.  It’s a twice a month co-op where we pay $25 and the organizers go to the farmers market and purchase a variety of fruits and vegetables at a good price.  Fruits and vegetables are brought to a location and participants help to sort them in baskets.

A few weeks ago,  I participated in the co-op and the organizers had a contest for the healthiest recipe using a rare vegetable or fruit. On this co-op, the contest was for aloe vera. If I win I get a free basket full of veggies and fruits! So I made raw aloe vera brownie balls.


The recipe calls for sunflower seeds,  aloe vera, raisins (sultana) and cacao powder.   I made some changes to the original recipe I added 2 tablespoons of water (it was too lumpy even with the aloe), and some Stevia to sweeten it.  It came out delish! I was able to make 7 balls out of this recipe.  Recipe adapted from here.

I put the sunflowers seeds in my food processor, and then slowly added all of the ingredients in the blender (adding the water slowly).

On a side note, I didn’t win but this recipe was a winner for me!  🙂



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