Being engaged, and getting to marry the love of my life was one of the happiest days of my life. Planning a bicultural wedding was so much fun that I actually wanted to bring everything about my Puerto Rican heritage to our wedding! (Shells, and all! But I’ll leave that for another post!)  
I wanted to incorporate my Latin culture to our USA wedding.  The one thing that I really, really wanted to share with my husband’s side of the family were the famous “capias.”   
The “capia”  is a  wedding souvenir that the bride gives to her guests. The one pictured is from our wedding. I still have a few that I’m keeping. These capias are truly special, they are a labor of love, a gift from Mami.  She made them in Puerto Rico, and brought them to me for our wedding.  
The “capia” is made with a thin satin ribbon with the bride’s & groom’s name; and wedding date engraved on them.  The ribbon is placed on a lace or other material with a decorative piece on top. A pin is included so that the bride can put it on her guests as a corsage or boutonniere. This way the bride is able to see all her guests, and give them a wedding souvenir.

Featured on Worldwide Culture Swap:  “Puerto Rico – The Capia Custom.”

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  1. Frances, you were such a lovely bride! How wonderful that you thought to include a little piece of your culture on your wedding day. I think it is a beautiful tradition!

  2. What a lovely tradition, and a great way to incorporate your culture in your wedding. I agree with Maria – you were a beautiful bride!!

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