Music can be an excellent resource to teach children about global culture education. It exposes them to different sounds and rhythms that they typically would not listen to on a day-to-day basis.

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For instance, Africa is the world’s second largest and second most-populated continent.  It is divided in five regions: Northern Africa, Eastern Africa, Central Africa, Western Africa and Southern Africa. With 54 countries in this great nation,  all with a wealth of culture, customs, traditions and music.



We haven’t been fortunate enough to visit any of the countries from Africa.  Nevertheless, we are  transported to the beats, rhythms, and songs of Central Africa with the music of prolific composer and guitarist from the Democratic Republic of the Congo:  “Papa Siama” Matuzungidi a Congolese-American and singer “Auntie Dallas” Johnson.


His newly released CD takes us on a journey to The Land of Yangalele  Papa Siama with Auntie Dallas.  It is an explosion of fusions, and instruments ranging from acoustic guitar and bass as well as traditional instruments like balafon (calabash marimba), mbira (thumb piano), and Jamaican rumba box.  Dallas adds fun flavors like penny whistle and toy piano and David Tullis drives the sound with conga.  The music is lively, and relaxing at the same time.  Hit play on his new CD, close your eyes, and be transported to the beautiful continent of Africa.


This CD can be used for relaxation, and meditation, for educational purposes to learn about the different instruments used, for language learning: the songs are sung in English, Lingala, Kikongo, and Swahili, and to explore and learn that Africa is not a country but a beautiful continent.



The CD liner includes a map, a game, the lyrics to the songs, and a fun quiz!

The playlist (the Bakongo Chant is my favorite! My son loves the Monkey Game!)

  1. Bakongo Chant (Welcome) 
  2. Monkey Game
  3. It’s so Easy to Make a Song
  4. Sweet Water
  5. ABCD 
  6. Ko Yimbi Ko 
  7. Auntie’s Song (Yangalele)
  8. When We’re Free 
  9. Nalingi Bosembo (Peace Lullaby) 
  10. Bakongo Chant (The Journey) 

Did I peaked your interest in purchasing Siama’s new CD?  You can actually set your own price on his page:


You can also purchase the digital version on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.  While you’re here don’t forget to download this coloring page for your kids to color:  The Land of Yangalele Coloring Page_illustration by Kayla Harren

The Land of Yangalele Coloring Page_illustration by Kayla Harren

You can follow Siama on: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook or on his website for the latest events and concerts.

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