I have been struggling with the dark cloud that has been overcast on our country during this past year. I was also deeply disturbed with the election fiasco, and all of the  negativity in social media.  I needed to take a step back, disconnect and regroup.

As an adult, I was overwhelmed and really sad.  I could only imagine how a child could feel.  Hopeless, sad, and uncertain of their future.  Feeling harassed, and bullied by their peers by children just like them.
I find it hard to believe that in this year 2016,  our children are literally terrified to go to school, to step out of the safety of their homes, and of what will happen to them and their families.

Yet during this time, I am reminded that after every storm the sun always comes out and shines upon us. 
I’m happy to share with you A Free Anti-Bullying Resource for Parents and Teachers: We Are All Created Equal.
Mommy Maestra has created a packet to promote kindness, respect, and appreciation for diversity. Sometimes parents, and even teachers don’t know how to address bullying in the classroom.   This guide will be helpful even for your children with a one-sheet with three steps on how  kids can deal with bullies.

What else will you find in this guide?

  • posters to be placed as visual reminders
  • an educator’s guide
  • discussion questions & guide
  • resources for parents
  • phrases parents can use when talking to school officials about their child being bullied
  • plans for students on how to deal with a bully
  • writing prompts
  • writing pages
  • and a recommended reading list
Get your free resource guide:
Print this packet, share it with your kids, your school, and let’s help our children.  Let’s promote kindness, respect, diversity and love!

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