As summer comes to an end, parents and educators are gearing up for the back-to-school season. For those looking to enhance their children’s Spanish language skills or prepare their classroom for the new school year, I created five fantastic resources that are both engaging and educational. These resources are perfect for young learners and can make the transition to Spanish language learning a fun and seamless experience.

Keep scrolling, I have also included a free download for one of the resources! Keep reading!

  1. Spanish and English Cognates Alphabet Posters: Cognates are words that share similar spelling and meaning across different languages. Introducing these to young learners can significantly boost their confidence in learning Spanish. The Spanish and English Cognates Alphabet Posters display the entire alphabet with corresponding words in both languages, making it easy for children to grasp the similarities between English and Spanish.
  2. Short Spanish Stories with Pictograms: Stories are an excellent way to immerse children in a new language. Short Spanish Stories with Pictograms are captivating tales accompanied by picture cues that aid comprehension. Through these stories, children can build vocabulary, improve reading skills, and gain cultural insights in a fun and interactive manner.
  3. Spanish High-Frequency Words Posters: High-frequency words are commonly used words that are vital for language acquisition. These posters include a carefully curated list of essential words in Spanish featuring “the Sweet 16”, known as the most common Spanish words used in comprehensible input. These visually appealing posters will make learning vocabulary enjoyable and efficient.
  4. Lotería for Kids Spanish Bingo Game Sílabas Trabadas: Bingo is a timeless game loved by children of all ages. The Lotería for Kids Spanish Bingo Game Sílabas Trabadas adds a Spanish twist to the classic bingo game. This version focuses on words with “sílabas trabadas” or blended syllables, which are often challenging for young learners. Playing this bingo game will enhance pronunciation skills and increase familiarity with common Spanish words.

Now on to the FREE DOWNLOAD ???

  1. This free Spanish workbook is perfect for kids in grades Kinder through 3rd. It has full-color pages that include vowels, alphabet, digraphs, colors, numbers, questions, weather, days of the week, months, and subject pronouns.   Have your student write their name on the cover, and help them build a strong foundation in the Spanish language.

Incorporating these back-to-school Spanish resources into your child’s learning routine will not only make language learning enjoyable but also lay a strong foundation for their linguistic journey. Remember, consistent practice and positive reinforcement are key to successful language acquisition.

As you prepare your little ones for the new school year, make the most of these creative resources to inspire a love for the Spanish language that will last a lifetime!

Happy learning!

¡Feliz aprendizaje!

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