Move over Pókemon Go and geocaching there’s a new family-friendly activity going on in Puerto Rico right now.  What is it? It’s “Proyecto 78 pueblos 1 bandera” (78 flags 1 town).  It’s basically looking for flags that are strategically painted across the island.

Proyecto: 78 pueblos y 1 bandera Ubicación: Manatí, Playa Mar Chiquita Carr. 648

Puerto Rico native,  Héctor Collazo started the project #78pueblosy1bandera (78 towns 1 flag) with the sole purpose of motivating people to go out and visit places in Puerto Rico that were hard to find with a GPS.  His love for Puerto Rico’s towns,  beaches, rivers, and mountains motivated him to use this as a way to educate others on caring for our natural resources and environment.  He set out to create his own “touristy” spots by painting the Puerto Rican flag and a movement began!  Every time he painted a flag he would upload the pictures on his Facebook page, and caption the location.  He encouraged his followers to share pictures of them with the painted flag using the hashtag #78pueblosy1bandera and the response was huge!

Looking for Puerto Rican flags has brought family and friends together.  I myself was planning on getting my “corillo” (group of family and friends) to road trip across the island looking for the flags that were part of the  #78Pueblos1Bandera project.  I had been following Héctor on Facebook and Instagram and tracked the towns where they were located on a map. These were the towns we were going to visit.


Sadly, that didn’t happen.  Hurricane Maria made landfall.  She wreaked havoc.

I did go back to Puerto Rico twice after Hurricane Maria.  Once on an emergency relief trip and the second time in December with my son.  Puerto Rico was beginning to recover and the project #78Pueblos1Bandera  was put on hold for a few months. Some of the places where the flags were painted were destroyed, and others still remain.  Little one and I visited one of them in Mar Chiquita Beach in Manatí, Puerto Rico.  Of course, everywhere we saw a flag we stopped to take a picture even if it wasn’t part of the project.

I know, I know I’m sure you’re thinking that you’d love to go to Puerto Rico!   Nevertheless, you can learn and/or teach your child about Puerto Rico with this newly released workbook   Puerto Rico, La Isla del Encanto // Puerto Rico, The Island of Enchantment .  

In my years of teaching my son about his Puerto Rican heritage, I’ve compiled quite a few books, materials, and tour-guide magazines and even made up my own Puerto Rico lesson plan. Nevertheless, I have never come across a workbook that I consider to be the “whole package” real deal on teaching my son about Puerto Rico. That is until I had in my hands:  Puerto Rico, La Isla del Encanto // Puerto Rico, The Island of Enchantment children’s workbook by author and illustrator Melissa López Charepoo.

This new dual language (English & Spanish) coloring workbook is about Puerto Rican history, culture, and traditions.  With 210 black and white pages about the history, culture, and traditions of Puerto Rico, the book has been written and illustrated primarily for children from 5 to 12 years.  This workbook can be enjoyed by any child who loves to learn about the world and other countries.  It is also a great resource for parents and educators to incorporate as part of their lesson plans about Puerto Rico.

Author Melissa shares the same sentiment of sadness that many Puerto Ricans in the diaspora including myself feel.  She tells me, “As a Puerto Rican the suffering after the island was struck by two hurricanes touched me deeply. Today, after six months thousands are still struggling to obtain basic necessities. In the spirit of service, 100% of profits for the next year will go to small organizations that have empowered themselves to help others in time of need, and it’s the hope that the funds collected will assist in this later stage of recovery.” -April 2018

She took action and created this masterpiece about Puerto Rico, and from April 2018 through April 2019 all proceeds will go to help those in need in Puerto Rico.  If you purchase the coloring workbook you will be helping relief efforts for Puerto Rico!

I really love this coloring workbook!  It is amazing!  I’m not just saying that to say it,  but trust me it is amazing!!! This is your “history, geography, and tour-guide magazine” all bundled up in one place!  I was especially drawn by the simplicity of use of the workbook, and the welcoming characters of Ana and Luis.  This workbook can be used as a dual language learning resource for either a Spanish or English language learner.

You can find author Melissa López Charepoo on her website Delighted Hearts and on social media:  Facebook and Instagram.

I’m hoping to return to Puerto Rico soon, and perhaps this time around little one and I can find more Puerto Rican flags!

If you’re looking for more resources on Puerto Rico culture click on the image below:

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Disclosure:   I received the coloring workbook for purposes of a review.  All opinions are mine, and I only review books that I truly believe in. This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase one of these books I will receive a small monetary compensation.  Thank you! 

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