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Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15 through October 15. We celebrate the beauty of the Hispanic and Latino culture, heritage, music, food, language and embracing our new normal: bilingual, bicultural and multicultural families. We celebrate the contributions of Americans whose ancestors come from: Spain,  Mexico, The Caribbean,  Central America, and SouthRead More →

“Yo sería borincanoaunque naciera en la luna.” Juan Antonio Corretjer ¿Cómo mantener los lazos culturales cuando se vive lejos de la patria de uno y cómo sembramos la semilla del amor? En la crianza bicultural y multicultural muchas veces nos encontramos en la encrucijada de cómo celebrar nuestras costumbres cuando vivimosRead More →

“Art is food for the soul” Fernando Llort Today’s post is on El Salvador’s most famous artist:  Fernando Llort. Fernando Llort was born on April 7, 1949, and he is known as “El Salvador’s National Artist” by the Foundation for Self Sufficiency in Central America.  His art is very colorful,Read More →

Earlier this year, I attended the first-ever Bilingualism Matters Conference in South Carolina.  The conference was hosted by the University of South Carolina in partnership with Bilingualism Matter. This conference was a huge deal being that South Carolina is an only-English state. Yes!!! Shocking but true.  Nonetheless,   it wasRead More →

Not many people know this but recently I’ve ventured into the Ketogenic lifestyle. Therefore, I’ve had to recreate many of my favorite recipes. With this uber hot weather that we’ve been having here in South Carolina and with summer literally right around the corner I’ve been really wanting to haveRead More →