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Pastelillos de guayaba y queso are a guava and cream cheese pastry. Some people call them pastelitos, others call them pastelillos. Me? I call them pastelillos because that’s how I learned to call these tasty and delish treats. Nevertheless, we can all agree that whether they’re called pastelitos or pastelillosRead More →

While researching Native American food I didn’t realize how similar they are to South American cuisine. It comes to show that all of the indigenous tribes in the Americas are connected through food. Today I’m excited to share five tasty indigenous recipes you can make to celebrate Native American HeritageRead More →

If you’re ever visiting Puerto Rico during the months of November and December stores across the island will have available traditional jíbaro clothing.  The jíbaro is a symbol of Puerto Rican pride, especially around the holidays. Children dress like jíbaros for school, church and community programs.  I’ve dressed my tweenRead More →