It’s Hispanic Heritage Month, and I have a treat for you! Looking for easy South American crafts for kids?  Here you’ll find Hispanic-inspired crafts for kids from countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain!  With 50+ kids’ crafts, you’re sure to find a favorite for your kids to make. It’s a great way to learn about each country.

Engaging kids in making Hispanic heritage crafts during Hispanic Heritage Month or any other time, is a wonderful way to celebrate the diversity of Hispanic cultural roots while having fun together. These activities help children learn about traditions, stories, and the vibrant customs of Hispanic cultures in a hands-on way. Crafting with students has always been the most fun way to teach them about different countries culture and heritage. By making these crafts, kids will create lasting memories and develop important skills along the way.   You can display them in your classroom, wall or bulletin board.

As a proud Latina, Hispanic Heritage Month is really the one-time we get to show-off our heritage and culture.  It’s especially important to also show our kids and students the beauty in other countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay y Venezuela. Unfortunately, I do not have any kids’ craft from Paraguay, and Nicaragua. If you do, please feel free to share it with me in the comments, and I will update this post with the link.

Hispanic Heritage Month Crafts for Kids


Gaucho Sombrero from The Homeschool Realm.

Flag craft and/or an activity to celebrate Argentina’s Independence Day from Mi Corazón de Tiza

The houses of La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina from Debbie’s Spanish Learning


Colorful Llama Craft  from I Heart Crafty Things


Rain Sticks from Mommy Maestra

Arpilleras from El Mundo de Pepita

A trip to Chile inspired this Rain Sticks craft from Joy Sun Bear


La selección de Colombia (Pintando el equipo en piedras) from Nuestro mundo creativo

Costa Rica

Carreta Craft from All Done Monkey

Lantern Craft from All Done Monkey

Parrot Tico Tango from All Done Monkey


Tody Bird from Hands on Craft for Kids

Yarn Dolls from Crafty Moms Share

Cuban Pom-Pom Flag from Booklandia Box

Dominican Republic

Carnival Mask from A Faithful Attempt

Charamico Tree 


Miniature Figurines from Kid World Citizen

Middle of the World Monument Kids Craft 

El Salvador

Fernando Llort Art Activity


Guatemalan weaving-inspired bookmarks from Booklandia Box

Quetzal Craft from DLTK’s Growing Together

Worry Dolls


Futbolito Honduran Craft from Mama Tortuga


Papel Picado from Mommy Maestra

Day of the Dead Skeleton Craft from Kid World Citizen

Paper Marigolds from El Mundo de Pepita

Sugar Skulls from Joy Sun Bear

Mini Donkey Piñata

Mexican Pyramid from Inspired by Family

Tissue Flower from Inspired by Family

Ojo de dios from from All Free Crafts

Colored Rice Mexican Flag


Molas from the Art Curator for Kids

Molas from Kid World Citizen


Nazca Lines from Spanish Mama

Peruvian Bird Gourd

Cajón Boxed Drum from World Music of Daria

Peruvian Wave Friendship Bracelet from Felt Magnet

Peruvian Retablo from Mommy Maestra

Llama Toy from Whirls and Twirls Around the World

Explore Peru: Masks Inspired by the Inca Empire by Art School

Puerto Rico 

Puerto Rican Guiro from Modern Mami

Hummingbird craft and more from Crafty Moms Share

Puerto Rican Parrot

Taíno Petroglyphs


Spaniard Paper Doll from i-Ole Paper Toys

Hand Fan from Crafty Moms Share

 Homemade Castanets


Leather Bookmarks from 5 Little Monsters


Waterfall Craft from The End in Mind

 South America

Tropical Blue Morpho Butterfly from Kid World Citizen

Quijada (Jawbone Instrument) from World Music of Daria


Hispanic Heritage Month Digital Games

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with these digital games! Have your students learn about famous Hispanic/Latinx leaders, scientists, athletes, and more!

Hispanic Heritage Month

And for younger ones play a memory game:


Hispanic Heritage Month Series 2017 | Multicultural Kid BlogsThis post was created for the inclusion of Multicultural Kid Blogs  Hispanic Heritage Month Series.

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